A collection of short animated loops that I made in my spare time. This gives me the opportunity to explore techniques and ideas, topics ranging from surfing to Donald Trump.
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The Zeppelin

The Zeppelin is part of the What if? education series, a series of educational animations for children that explores the fascinating world of failed inventions. Received a Vimeo Staffpick!

About me

I'm Edwin Haverkamp, motion designer from Haarlem, The Netherlands. Studied Image & Media Technology at the HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht. I'm a freelancer and I work as a motion designer at in60seconds, which is an Amsterdam based company that produces short and clear animation videos. I like to bike, travel, make things by hand, visit museums, go to concerts & watch films.

Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs Seminar

Together with Jouk Fris I gave a one week skill seminar called Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs at ESADE Business School in Barcelona.
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2D Animation

Bringing designs and illustrations to life to tell a story. Combining technical with creative skills to make them stand out. Always looking for new ways to animate in After Effects!


Crafting artwork for animations or other purposes. Using Illustrator or Photoshop to do so. Drawing inspiration from any visual form of art around me.


A strong concept is the base for any great project. I have always been actively participating in concepting. Love to brainstorm, explore and share ideas.

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