About me

I am Edwin Haverkamp, motion designer from Haarlem, The Netherlands.  I work as a motion designer at in60seconds, which is an Amsterdam based company that produces short and clear animation videos. I like to travel, go to concerts, watch films. Because there wasn’t really an about me, I wrote some memoires for you to kill some time..

Some years ago…

Making janitors mad with editing

I started studying Multimedia Design, basically we learned that it was up to us to make the most out of it. So we spend evenings at school passionately editing our videos until the janitor kicked us out.

Then I completed one year of Interactive/Media/Design at the Royal Academy of Art. It was a great experience, but I couldn’t focus on animation. So I applied for Image and Media Design at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, it was a one shot opportunity and luckily I was accepted.

Getting obsessed with video assignments

The HKU felt like a video playground, I loved it and was quite obsessed with my assignments. During the first year I started working for FX Media every now and then. In the third year I did my internship at Circus Family, an audiovisual design studio based in Amsterdam. Learned a lot and had a nice time!

Reindeer meat

After my internship I escaped the walls of the HKU by going to Finland and Sweden with our project Oavsett. We did video-projects, tutored masterstudents, experienced the longest day of the year, ate reindeer meat and met a bunch of nice folks.

For the next semester at the HKU I happened to leave the country again with a special EU group-project.

Focus on animation and a Vimeo Staffpick

And after one year of doing various things with video, I really wanted to focus on animation with my graduation project. I came up with a project called ‘What if?’, which was about failed inventions that should have been a succes. I completed one video about the zeppelin and it ended up getting a Vimeo Staffpick!

Work experience

<tr">Companies Projects 

2016 - presentIn60seconds2013Freelance Edwinhaverkamp.com
 Motion design Motion Design
2015-2015Sensia Media2014What If?
 Motion Design The Zeppelin (Vimeo staffpick award)
Video for ‘What if?’ Education Series
2012-2016Circus Family 2014HAN opening projectionmapping
 Motion Design
(internship, freelance, contract)
 Visuals for opening celebration HAN
2011 - 2013FXmedia 2014Applied Narrative Design leaders
 Motion Design Leaders for the research program
2009 - 2009Filmbedrijf BV 2013Oavsett
 Motion Design / Editor (internship) Tutoring master students
(Umea University, Sweden)
2009 - 2009Remote IT-services   
 Audiovisual productions (internship)  
2006 - 2008MixCom Media Group  
 Junior Designer  

How can I help?

If you are interested in collaborating feel free to contact me.