Innomedia - Visymo

Had the pleasure of animating this explanimation at in60seconds for Visymo. Concept and storyboard by Fleur van Wijck & Lieke Milder, illustrated by Mirjam Verhoog, art directed by Coen Rens and project managed by Laura Fulgori. Visymo operates various search engines: ZapMeta, iZito, and With one entry, users search in the world's largest data sources and Visymo presents their users a mix of results, adapted to the type of search query, in real time and lightning fast! Visymo Universal Search Group makes information from multiple sources accessible. On a daily basis millions of people use the search power of Visymo. Visymo searches multiple types of information from multiple sources to generate optimal results. Disclaimer: Project uitgevoerd bij in60seconds, voor meer informatie: of 020-2044534.