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Falco Benz – La Féline Mescaline (feat. Agnès Aokky) * Staffpick

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During my time at Circus Family I was involved with the creative proces and execution of La Féline Mescaline. A musicvideo directed by Max Italiaander (Maxmana) for the Dutch musician Falco Benz who collaborated with the French illustrator Victor Moatti. During preproduction we went on a little trip to Paris, to meet our French collaborator and get a bit acquainted with the French way of life (check out the making off!). Worked together with the amazing animators Michel Wijdemans and Heijn Lagerwei who did a great job on this video!

Falco Benz – La Féline Mescaline (feat. Agnès Aokky) from magnetron music on Vimeo.

La Féline Mescaline by Falco Benz (feat. Agnès Aokky)

La Féline Mescaline – Making Off from maxmana on Vimeo.

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Artwork: Victor Moatti

Direction / Animation: Maxmana

Production company: Circus Family
Producer: Marieke Konijn
Michel Wijdemans
Edwin Haverkamp

Hein Lagerweij

Kars van Geenen
Ruben van Esterik
Simon Groot Kormelink

“This music video is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL”

Stream or buy Falco Benz’s debut album:
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