Project name:

Toto – Hoe werkt Toto?

Project description:

Developed the concept, storyboard (with Fleur van Wijck), style (together with Mirjam Verhoog) and animated this fast explanimation for Toto (Nederlandse Loterij) at in60seconds.

Toto needed a way to quickly explain absolute beginners how to play a game of Toto on their mobile app. One of the most important things was that the viewer should be able to understand the video without sound on social media. So we needed to put big bold Toto style titles explaining all steps of the process and combine them with visuals. With this constant mixture of titles and visuals I could use a lot of transitions that also helped to keep a high pace. Because Toto likes friends and colleagues to play we developed 2 characters who bet against each other.

Character development together with Mirjam Verhoog at in60seconds

The voice-over of this animation was written by Fleur van Wijck and the projectmanager was Laura Fulgori.

About in60seconds
Animation studio in60seconds develops creative concepts, animations, infographics, and video productions. In60seconds is specialised in conveying a complex message in a short time. They introduced the term ‘explanimation’; animations that explain or promote.