Project name:

Visymo Explanimation

Project description:

Had the pleasure of animating this explanimation at in60seconds for Visymo.

Innomedia – Visymo from in60seconds on Vimeo.

Animated at in60seconds, concept and storyboard by Fleur van Wijck & Lieke Milder, illustrated by Mirjam Verhoog,
art directed by Coen Rens and project managed by Laura Fulgori. Copyright

About the explanimation
Visymo operates various search engines: ZapMeta, iZito, and With one entry, users search in the world’s largest data sources and Visymo presents their users a mix of results, adapted to the type of search query, in real time and lightning fast!

About Visymo
Visymo Universal Search Group makes information from multiple sources accessible. On a daily basis millions of people use the search power of Visymo. Visymo searches multiple types of information from multiple sources to generate optimal results.

About in60seconds
Animation studio in60seconds develops creative concepts, animations, infographics, and video productions. In60seconds is specialised in conveying a complex message in a short time. They introduced the term ‘explanimation’; animations that explain or promote.

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